More Tough Days


Let it snow I
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This photo has nothing to do with my post except that it is snowing a decent amount out here (and I find the photo REALLY pretty). We havent had snow in awhile so it is a welcomed sight since there really is no place we need to go today.

Yesterday Kenson was at the Childrens Hospital all day. He had a potentially high fever. Luckily everything checked out and after a long day we were able to take him home where he did so well last night. Back to his normal happy baby self.

Leila is still sick but luckily no more throwing up. Now Ken has it. And I love my husband but he is the biggest baby when it comes to being sick *smile* I have been spared as of so far besides a sore throat.

Here is hoping you and your families are all safe, sound, and healthy!


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