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I love blogging and I love reading blogs. Currently my Blog Reader has 216 subscriptions and grows by the day I swear. I thought today (since I have no crafty goodness to share) I would share some of my new favorites who may not be as well knows (or maybe they are and I am under a rock) as Alicia, Sally, and Amanda.

Dottie Angel A great inspiration for shabby chic things, plus she has the cutest way of writing, honestly/humor.

My Aunt June Recently has been getting rave reviews for her Bento box quilt.

Crazy Mom Quilts This women can quilt! and is super nice to boot!

Tree Fall Always has great projects, gorgeous fabric (look at her craft room if you want to feel jealous today) and is very honest about the trials and tribulations of life.

Sweet Jessie My newest coveted blog, love everything about her blog!

Sulu-design Creator of amazing earrings, and she has a great giveaway this week, go check it out!

Redheaded snip it love the photography on this site (and look at her AMAZING Halloween decorations)

Persimmons Gal This blog is about the owner of an amazing shop from my home town. I am honored to have some of my goods for sale at her store.

JC Handmade her patchwork designs are awe inspiring.

I heart linen the name sums it up! LOVE this blog 9she just opened up an etsy store as well, go check it out)

Chet and Dot A good place to find some cute Japanese inspired items.

Assorted Notions An amazing seamstress, gives great reviews of patterns.

Good-ness A Canadian girl moves to Japan with her husband, opens an great fabric store on etsy. End of story!

Pink Lemonade Boutique love her bags, she can do no wrong in my eyes, a true inspiration in every way.

There you go now surf away and dont get mad if your list of must read blogs get longer!

(this photo has nothing to do with the post!)


christina said...

Thanks for the mention! Now I have to go add some of these to my blog reader... :)

amandajean said...

thanks for the mention. ;) I am honored that you included me in with all those super talented ladies!

sulu-design said...

You are too kind. Thanks so much for including me in this great list. I read many that you've mentioned here, but several are new to me, too. Time to update the old bloglines...

Karen Beth said...

I've been thinking lately about doing a periodical "favorite new blogs" posting. Glad to see you did this! Cool!

Katie Jean said...

Great list! I'm checking out the ones I don't know yet :)

Summer said...

That's a great list. I'm going to check them all out. :) said...

Yay! Thanks for including me on your list!

Persimmons Gal said...

Thanks for the mention! Going to go check out the other ones now....

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