Early morning tea


What should a super crafty women do when she wakes up an hour earlier then normal THINKING it is the right time to get up. Well me I should have started cutting some more fabric for my slowly growing stock for my upcoming trunk show. What I did: caught up on blogs, checked my email, and of course did some Christmas shopping (well a pattern to MAKE a Christmas gift). Speaking of Christmas I had already vowed to make all of my gifts this year so there was no second thinking to sign up for this pledge when I signed up it was in the hundreds (low hundreds at that time) now it is in the thousands, that warms my heart!
So on to the photo, here is my breakfast yogurt if you have never tried Stonyfield Farm I HIGHLY recommend the vanilla truffle, it has actual organic cocoa(!!) no fake flavors here! I love my newest found tea cup. Lately I have been using it to HOLD unused tea bags but no more it is my new offical morning tea cup! Sorry about the dark photo no amount of artificial light (or flash, see above) can make up for the sun so enjoy the scary photos, just think of it as my contribution to the Halloween scares!!!

Look at the time! ( I think I have a new morning ritual) Got to get to work!!!


Karen Beth said...

Love the new mug! How cute is that? Happy Halloween to you! Love that you signed up for the handmade pledge.

Summer said...

That is far too early in the morning to be awake. :)

I love the mug! It's so colorful!

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