Momma's Witch


Leila didnt go trick or treating, she is too young and I dont need to eat the candy. That didnt stop me from dressing her up though. We went from smiles, giggles, and peekaboo. To stirring up a witch's brew, sucking her thumb and screaming at me to read a book. It was an interesting afternoon. Leila has recently been going through a screaming phase. Most days I can handle it rather well, these last couple of days though I am about to jump from our second story window. I love her but my god the blood curdling lungs she has on her have to be from her father! (I am sure my parents would say otherwise)

Note, I did not make this outfit, it was a gift from a friend.


Karen Beth said...

How cute is she? That little costume is just adorable. So glad you took pictures to share. :)

Katie Jean said...

oooh she's so cute! I hope you had a fun Halloween. Isaiah loved it!

amandajean said...

oh, she is a cutie!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Oh my gosh!!
I am an artsy gal...was a HS art teacher now a CRAZY stay-at-home mom! :)

Also have a SCREAMER - but mine is a boy so I think it annoys me MORE b/c HE should not be shreiking like a SHE!!

I have 3 kids and the other two must have had underdeveloped lungs for all of their terrible twos - not this one - he has enough scream for the whole fam!

Your daughter is gorgeous!

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