Homemade Holiday

I took the pledge, I have started to plan, time to create the list so I can keep myself on track. For those friends and family who read my blog I am not going to list who each item is for but I am just going to list all of the items I am planning to make.

3 different set of dishtowels, using Shim & Sons as inspiration
3 different set of pot holders, using Japanese craft book as inspiration
1 apron
1 linen scarf
4 table runners using this pattern
2 note takers using this pattern
1 log cabin pillow
2 softie cats using this pattern
1 softie doll using this pattern
1 softie robot using this pattern
1 softie elephant using this book
1 set of felt food
1 dress (child)
1 shirt (child)
1 skirt (child)
1 quilt, using this site as inspiration (ordering the Bento Box pattern)
1 softie dump truck, using a vintage craft book as inspiration
1 hat w/ ear flaps

Holy crap I have a lot of sewing to do!!!! Time to look at my fabric stash and determine what fabric I need (some colors I JUST don’t have like purple, weird I know).


Waldeck Dry Goods said...

wow! looks like my list... better get busy!

amandajean said...

that looks like a very ambitious list! good luck with your sewing.

carrie said...

what a long list! you are far more amitious than i am!

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