Christmas Decorating

I have a lot of ideas this year for decorating for Christmas. My husband is a scrooge always has been it is hilarious we are the complete opposite when it comes to holidays. He would rather I didnt even THINK about christmas trees let alone put one up so, instead of going traditional I bought a white tree. Its not up yet (since I dont know where I want it to go) but it is in the back of my mind. I think I will go decorative wild next weekend I should at least wait until it is ACTUALLY December. So in the mean time I am prepping and cruising the internet for great diy ideas so here we go a whole bunch of links. Hope you enjoy!!!

Love this card wreath idea.
This wreath (the first one) SCREAMS crafter
A great way to use paper to create an ornament
Another paper ornament
I love these softie trees
Oh and this button tree
And one more wreath with buttons this time
Finally this post just made me crave a bright not so traditional decorative scheme

So how are you going to decorate your home? Traditional, DIY, in the middle?


Kelley BO said...

Oh my god...I LOVE these ideas!! I HAVE to make the yarn wreath for my mother in law, who loves to knit. She'll LOVE it!

amandajean said...

thanks for the fun links! I needed some christmas inspiration. I think I am going to only use what I have and try to make everything else. I don't know how successful I will be, but it should be a fun challenge.

sulu-design said...

These are fabulous links! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I needed a kick in the butt to get my holiday crafting in gear. Thanks for providing it!

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