Bleak day


Today has been foggy, bleak and dreary. So no photos of product (boo) so I am thinking I won’t be able to do an actual update for my store until after the holiday. I am thinking the update will be on what is dubbed the biggest shopping online day which is the Monday after Thanksgiving. So as of right now the tentative update day will be Monday November 26th.

So enough about business on to the photo of my funky trees.
I am bit by the holiday bug but these weren’t actually made for that reason. These were made after 24 hours of no sleep and wanting to have something holiday-ish for my table at the trunk show. They didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned in my crazy brain but they turned out pretty cool for me. Granted they look like a five year old did them but hey, I like that. I am going to try one more time later on in December to create another set so that I can pull them out year after year. What will happen to these proto-types? I think they will go to my work desk, they cheer me up even on the bleakest of days.


Katie Jean said...

Wow I had a lot of catching up on reading your posts! Your table at the craft fair looked great! I'm so glad that you're not discouraged from continuing because I think you make beautiful things. Get some rest!!!

it's me, Val said...

I love your funky trees and I love the font you just used! What is it???

Karen Beth said...




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