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I recently signed up to join in the fun of this swap I love all things fall so I knew this would be a great swap. My swap buddy was Karen Beth of Zazazu. I am glad to say that not only did I get to participate in a fun swap, I made a great online friend from it as well. Karen Beth and I seem to have a lot in common so I went out on the swap making things that I would be thrilled to receive.

I have recently become obsessed with patchwork scarves. I got to use some of my favorite vintage fabrics as well as my vintage inspired fabrics.

I saw these leaf coasters in a Japanese craft book. I thought they would be perfect for this theme of fall.

And finally, Karen Beth has been wanting to learn how to sew so I created a pincushion especially for her and her love of anything with an Eiffel Tower on it. *smile* Hopefully it is the push she needs.

Finally I sent along a super wonderful smelly candle from a local shop in town that is all soy based. The women makes everything in her shop so it was also handmade, just not by me!


Karen Beth said...

I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU SENT ME SO MUCH, especially the pin cushion. :)

I hope you won't think I'm a glutton but I'll have you know that I've already burned that ENTIRE candle. Yep! It smelled so good. Everyone who came into my office wanted to know what that wonderful smell was. I wish this seller lived close to me!

I'm also so excited to have made such a wonderful friend in you!


Karen Beth :)

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