Thrifty Thursday

I go to the thrift store weekly, if I could I would go daily but I have learned if you go there everyday there seems to be less great "finds". I have a disease I know but I am ok with it (its a cheap one at that!) Here are a few of my latest favorites.

I have been wanting a butter dish for awhile but I didnt want your run of the mill, in enters a straight out of the 70's butter dish (yea!)

Not sure what this dish's original purpose was but now it has become a sugar dish. Isnt it pretty?

I love this watercolor print. I am creating a little sitting corner in our kitchen and this pulls everything together. Love it!

And finally the one thing I didnt think I would find, which just proves the more you wish for something you will get it. I bought this doll for Leila. I had been looking for an older doll for her that at least looked Asian. Also I was looking for a doll that was plastic but LOOKED like porcelain. In enters this oh so sad looking doll. She needs her lips repainted and maybe some new hair but her clothes look handmade (not vintage though) and I cant wait to make a whole new wardrobe for her. Leila already totes her around everywhere so I am thrilled.


Summer said...

I love that sugar dish! And that doll is adorable. What great finds!

Karen Beth said...

I love the sugar dish too. So beautiful!

I also have a thrift store addiction. It is cheaper than a Manolo addiction and less harmful than a crack cocaine addiction so I'm good.

Great finds!

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