I missed two days of posting. What is a girl to do when she is out in the middle of the country with no working computer, a warm fireplace, hot coffee and the company of family? She doesn’t worry about posting and just enjoys life. This posting everyday was rather stressful for me and came at the worst time possible. I will probably post everyday in February like I did last year. I know it is a cop out since it is the shortest month, ask me if I care (I don’t). A wise friend of mine was in the same situation and took it in the best stride possible. Blogging for me is sharing my life and my journeys. But if I am worried about blogging I am not living and that pretty much defeats the WHOLE purpose of this blog. So no more I no longer will feel guilty if I miss a day or two of posting. (Or a week if that is what my life calls for)

This weekend I watched a lot of movies, visited with family and friends, helped out my grandma (who is now dubbed the bionic woman with her knee replaced), and did a little bit of crafting. I am currently working on my ornaments for the holiday swap and I am really happy with how they are turning out.

I am happy to say that the store update also went off without a hitch (though it took up all of my Sunday, which meant no cleaning oh well) and now I am off to start Christmas gifts and decorating!


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