Dog Toy?


This year I vowed that all of the toys Leila will receive for Christmas this year will be either made by me or by other independent artists. I am hoping to get her a few wooden toys but here is my problem. My dog loves to EAT wooden toys. She has already destroyed one wooden puzzle and a handful of wooden blocks. I know the problem could easily solved by just making sure that the dog cant get at the toys however when you have 18 month old who is basically a walking tornado it is hard to keep track of all of the toys, also the dog will take the toy from Leila and run off with it at the first chance she gets! My dog is not your typical dog, she is a rescue dog from multiple homes all of which we think she may have been abused at. She is a Beagle and doesn’t take commands easily. She knows when she is bad and gives the biggest sad puppy eyes but then goes and does the same dang thing. I seriously think she has short term memory loss but that is just what I tell myself to not blame myself for not getting her to obedience training when we first got her. She is now probably 5 years old (just a rough estimate) and I don’t know if ANY training will save her from her destroying issues. Oh and we have tried so many toys on her that are “dog friendly” none are good enough she much prefers a pen, a power cord or a wooden block.

But with a face like hers I cant stay mad for long and just sigh and hide all the toys from her the best I can!


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