Craft Show Recap

Friday night I did pull an all nighter. I did take a small nap from 10-12 Friday night but otherwise I worked through the night and all day Saturday. So was it worth it? Yes and no, I only sold one item, but it was better than my last show (sad I know!) but I did get to meet awesome crafters/artists from around the area. I also met someone who in my sleep happy state at 9 pm Saturday night I claimed was my kindred soul! (Hi Rose!) so for me the lack of sales made up for the great time I had.

Tomorrow I hope to have pictures for you all of at least SOMETHING sleeping until 3pm on Saturday really gives you crap sunlight and my battery is dying so I am basically saying the odds are against me!

This whole craft business is a learning experience but I am not giving up by a long shot. Many people gave me wonderful comments, petted the fabric on the purses (that is always a good sign) and took business cards. Purses are a hard item to sell at a craft show I think but I just have to find the right show and go for it!

Because of my large stock I will be having a HUGE update on my shop later this week or right after Thanksgiving depending on when I can get photos so I will keep you all posted when I know.

This isnt a pitty post, or rather don't take it that way. I had a great time and wouldn't of had it any other way! You win some you loss some and I am ok with that.


sulu-design said...

Not taking it as a pity post at all, since I know EXACTLY how this goes. Craft fairs are funny, and I don't think that I'm cut out for them. I love all of the chatting and meeting new people, but find that the lead up to them is so exhausting, and the end result usually leaves me with about a hundred extra earrings on hand. Good for you for doing it and for being so upbeat. Your Etsy shop will be all the better for it!

it's me, Val said...

I wonder why people aren't buying? My mom is a crafter, too, and she's stopping her shows because the attendance is wayyyyy down. She's also noticed that more "crafters" than not are purchasing their things wholesale and then re-selling. There is something wrong with this picture. My mom works her buns off (all night, like you) and then has to be up against people like that. So she's giving up. I am pulling for you, Stef! You have amazing stuff!!!! You'll see it pay off soon.

Karen Beth said...

Love your 'tude! The next one will be better... I just know it! :)

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