Sorry about the lackluster photos for this week. I recently changed my work schedule and there is NO light when I get home. While my co-workers already think I am a little kooky, taking random pictures in the parking lot would push me over the edge to down right crazy!


sulu-design said...

In keeping with the kookiness, I'm commenting here on the last 12 - TWELVE - posts of yours that I sadly missed until now.
Your daughter is ridiculously cute. The photos you posted of her at the sewing table are too much. Even the photo of her screaming is actually cute, too (I can say that as there is no audio with the visual).
I hope you're all feeling better at your house and that you were able to get your purses made - it looks like you were able to turn those babies out!
Oh, and that pincushion you made for your swap? One of the darned cutest crafts I've seen in a while.
There - so glad I was able to catch up with you!

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