Sewing Room Friday


Here is just a snipit of my "sewing room". You dont want to see the whole area trust me, mostly because it is all over the house lately. I have a pile in the corner of my bedroom, a huge mess in the are that is SUPPOSE to be my craft area, and the dining room table, but if you have been reading my blog for awhile that shouldnt be a surprise.

I have never had a felt wall before. And I am stupid for it. Seriously it is like magic to me (I still am amazes that the fabric sticks up there with nothing, its genius!) right now it is on the wall right across from my bed so I wake up and look at it and go, yep I have a lot of work to do until my trunk show. I already feel the crunch because every weekend until then I have plans so I am trying to do small chunks each day. It is going ok but I am not going as fast as I would like. Plus I am starting to get bored with my fabric. I have a ton of fabric and I wish I loved it all equally but honestly there are some I just am so over using. I have learned though to buy smaller quantities unless it is fabric that I believe is earth shattering and then I will buy a full yard (ha!)

So is anyone else doing NaBloPoMo? I am new to this phenomina I wasnt posting much when this went on last year. It will be a struggle, and there may be just photo days, but it will be fun to see what happens.


Cody said...

Oh, to have a "sewing room." Right now, all my crafts supplies are separated into quite a few bins and drawers throughout the apartment. Not as much fun.

I've never even heard of a felt wall, but I don't do many sewing projects, I don't think it would be of much use to me, anyway. Neat idea, though.

amandajean said...

felt walls are the best, aren't they? I had one that I used a lot in my last house. I am looking forward to another one soon. Only bigger this time. :)

good luck with posting every day. I am going to try it too.

Karen Beth said...

That felt wall looks so great! I love it! Your posts like this really make me want to learn to sew... the adorable Eiffel Tower pincushion does too! I LOVE IT!

Summer said...

I've never done a felt wall. What all do you use it for? Maybe it will help motiveate me to gt my 5 thousand hlaf finished quilts done. lol

I'm doing NaBlogPoMo this year. Or at least trying to.

amandajean said...

hey, I am sick of a lot of my fabric too. (don't tell my husband though!)

wanna do a little fabric swap?

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