Made to Roam

I would like to profess my love of my sewing machine while it is not top of the line it is a little higher then your standard starting machine. And I love it not enough to tatoo it on my body just yet but enough to write a post about it!

I have a little space carved out in our home for the machine and various crafting goodness however my machine always seems to like to roam from room to room as the seasons change. It always seems to somehow however, end up on the dining room table. I justify the moves by stating the fact that it has a handle on it which means it is meant to be moved. My husband doesnt buy this logic. We are almost at the point of moving our living room into a bedroom (since Leila still sleeps in ours) so I can have a larger craft space near the dining room table. I declined this generous offer knowing that my lovely machine would still end up ON the dining room table and would drive my husband certifiably insane.

Did you know if you look up sewing machine on flickr it comes up with over 10,000 pictures, I tell you that is a lot of sewing machine love. I especially love the photos with guys and sewing machines. What can I say I am a sucker for a man with a) a baby b) a puppy c) a sewing machine.

1. Kindernähmaschinen - Toy Sewing Machines, 2. again with the kitty and the sewing machine(s), 3. sewing machine close, 4. Sewing machines, 5. Sewing Machine, 6. Miniature Sewing Machine, 7. my sewing machine tattoo, 8. Sewing machine, 9. Marilyn and the Sewing Machine, 10. sewing machine, 11. sewing machine, 12. is this not the cutest sewing machine ever?, 13. Zak Sewing Machine, 14. Dumpster Sewing machine, 15. My sewing machine is a power tool, 16. Child's Singer Sewing machine, 17. Old School Sewing Machine, 18. Orange Viking Sewing Machine (1), 19. Mat for my sewing machine, 20. Dan and the beloved Wheatsheaf sewing machine, 21. 20060811 - krakow 13 (polska), 22. sewing machine tattoo, 23. 222K FW Free arm sewing machine, 24. My sewing machine--a Huskystar 215, 25. Smart Home Wind Up Sewing Machine, 26. The cutest sewing machine ever..., 27. dave and sewing machine, 28. sewing machine, 29. blue sewing machine?!, 30. sewing machine, 31. Sewing machine, 32. Sewing Machine, 33. sewing machine, 34. sewing machine, 35. Sean's new Sewing Machine, #1

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Karen Beth said...

Ahhh to be able to sew. I really do need to learn... you've inspired me. :)

Summer said...

I don't have space yet so my sewing machine hides in the closet until time to sew. Our dining room table is my preferred sew station too, however it's also prime spot for little hands. LOL

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