It took 7 years


Ken and I have been together a long time (over 7 years now) , I had mentioned a few weeks ago how I wanted to eat healthier, lean meats, lots more veggies and fruits. Well last night he went grocery shopping and brought home all organic food. He may not show his love by diamonds and flowers but he does show it in so many other heart melting ways. The joys of marriage, its the little things really.

**Anyone have good recipes involving spinach?Bless him he bought two HUGE bags!!**


fuji said...

Lightly Steam the Spinach, toss it together with a pinch of salt a few drops of soy sauce, Fresh squeezed Garlic and some oil sesame oil, if you have some ground toasted sesame seeds put them on it too,
This is our favorite way to make spinach.

We saw your refigerator on you can see our freezer at:

Anonymous said...

Awww, you can tell him he can shop for us too, anytime! Yumminess!
Love ya and miss ya

Karen Beth said...

You can do spinach quiche, sauteed spinach, creamed spinach, spinach casseroles, etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE spinach and it is SO SO SO good for you!

What a nice thing that your husband did! Love that!


Karen Beth :)

sugarcreekstuff said...

Martha has a great Hot Spinach Dip, go to her web, my fam loves it.

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