what a great gift

Look what arrived in the mail!

Such cute packaging.

And even cuter owls!

If that wasn't enough I get some oh so yummy Maple Sugar Candies (I keep thinking of the Friends episode when Ross got a major sugar high from the stuff!)

Thank you so much Lisa! You can read about her inspiration of the quilt right here.


amandajean said...

cute quilt!

I love that episode of friends...I thought about that very same thing when I saw the candies in your photo. :)

Felicia said...

Love those owls surrounded by beautiful orange :)

Tiffany said...

well isn't that the cutest thing!

Kimberly said...

Lucky you, how cute

Lisa said...

I am so glad you like it. I had so much fun making it for you. You are lucky that there weren't a few candies missing, I seriously wanted some of those suckers!!

Elea said...

What a wonderful surprise and beautiful little quilt. Gotta dig those owls!

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