Why do I craft?


I found this meme and really enjoyed it and thought others might as well.

1) When did you start to create and make craft?
Unlike many of the “craft divas” out there I didn’t start crafting seriously until I was 22 (so 2 years ago)
I had always dabbled here and there growing up but I wasn’t consider the artist in my family I was a big book warm as well as musician. My sister on the other hand is an amazing gifted painter and she was always called the artist in the family (as she should be called) I started sewing right after Leila was born. It actually started out that I wanted to create a quilt for her, well I found out that the quilt I wanted (it’s a cute appliqué quilt) was WAY above my head so I commissioned the quilt and it turned out beautifully. Ken to humor me bought me my first sewing machine as a Valentine’s Day present. I started sewing purses because they were an easy forgiving project and I love purses.

2) Why did you start creating?
At first I think it was to get some good use out of my Valentine’s Day present. Once I started I couldn’t stop.

3) Why do you create?
It is a selfish reason I suppose, I do it because it makes me feel good.
I love making gifts for friends and family and to have them know that I took time from my life to make something just for them. I don’t just slap things together. Everything I make I take time and effort to create just the right thing for the right person in mind. Creating is that outlet I need. I know no matter what happens in my life my sewing machine doesn’t care. Creating is also a timeline for me, I can see where I was a year ago from looking at past projects and I have grown in both skill and influence. I also am thrilled that some of the items I am making now will be passed on through my family and will be cherished long after I am gone (or so I hope)

4) What do you create?
Purses (quite a bit of totes) mostly.
I also started quilting, sewing clothes, and sewing home décor type items.

5) Has this changed since you began crafting?
I think my skill (obviously) has grown, sewing is sometimes a complicated puzzle and I enjoy figuring it out.
I take more risks with my work. One thing hasn’t changed though everything I make is something that I would own if I didn’t make it myself. My influence has changed quite a bit and you can see this in my fabric stash. At first I would just buy fabric to have it (if that makes sense) now I buy fabric because I love it and know it compliments other fabrics I have. I have calmed down my color choices. Japanese Zakka has really influenced my work lately. I still absolutely LOVE vintage fabrics but the type has changed. I used to really love psychedelic types of fabric. Now I am drawn to doilies, embroidered linens, and handkerchiefs. Much more muted but still oh so pretty.

I wont tag anyone, but feel free to join in!
(Like the new tote? Its my latest one working with patchwork/vintage blocks)


Karen Beth said...

I LOVE the new quilted bag! So beautiful... I hope you will do more of them!

Lovely meme too!

Tiffany said...

I always love to come to your blog...it's very inspiring. What you do with cloth inspires my paper choices.

Thanks for the great "meme" it's always fun to learn more about the bloggers who's work I enjoy.


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