Time for a break

I am busy so so busy. I need to step away from the computer and my Google Reader and just concentrate on everything. I am doing all of the flowers for a wedding up in two weeks and the time crunch is starting to be felt. Also call me crazy but my craft gift list for Christmas is overwhelming and I REALLY dont want to be sewing Xmas eve muttering under my breath about the gifts that are suppose to be made with love. So I am going to enjoy the nice weather we are having and get a lot done. Mosaics are all you get for awhile!!! Pretty pictures though so you cant complain (too much).

This mosaic represents basically all that I am up to lately. Lots of crafting in so many different areas. I am on artisitic overload. Which I love but it makes me crazy since there are only 24 hours a day and I feel like I am not getting it all done.

1. meet our new sewing machine. :), 2. "Lily" linen purse, 3. hoganfe RAGGY RUFFLES EMBROIDERY BEADING HANDBAG, 4. XL clutches, 5. 9.04.07 - fall at the craft store, 6. Wedding Flowers, 7. Closeup of linen purse, 8. Embroidery bag beijing china, 9. Cindy Box Purse #116, 10. Fall Pincushion - sold!, 11. Egg Tart Plushie, 12. New Sewing Machine, 13. brides maid wedding flowers, 14. Fall Plastered Vase Creations, 15. linen patchwork purse, 16. Let Them Eat Cake., 17. October, 18. big breakfast, 19. Fall Preview, 20. fall market bag 2, 21. baking day, 22. Owl Embroidery, 23. Linen Purse, 24. my autumn luminary, 25. Wedding Flowers


sulu-design said...

You're working on your Christmas presents? You're my hero!!!

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