A $20 room makeover- the challenge

I am all about a challenge, a way to be creative and lately stretch a dollar as far as it can go! Enter in my personal challenge to spend $20 and decorate a room. I decided my boys room would be the best for this they had most of the furniture it would be mainly cosmetic I also decided I wasn't going to include the cost of paint in this challenge.

With visions of my Pinterest board floating in my mind ( See my board here )
I headed out this past weekend with my mom and a few of my aunts who came to visit, I left the kiddos with hubby and we hit the garage sales.

Only problem? What was suppose to be a few early morning showers turned into downpours at points until about four in the afternoon so I think many sales shutdown earlier than normal.

So needless to say my decorate a room in a weekend for $20 didn't happen....what did happen was some great deals including all three of these vintage books for $1 and a pretty solid elephant that my aunt picked up for the cause!

Am I defeated!?!? Heck no! I'm gonna shop the house find a few pieces and hit up a few more garage sales. It just means it will be a summer project versus the weekend project I was hoping for!

So with that friends, to be continued....


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