Random Thoughts

Lots goes on around here on a daily basis, my random thoughts..... just a chance for me to dump out thoughts I have had:

{ I have a green thumb in weed growing *sigh* my cottage-esque garden with flowers all over did not happen this year so far.  I am finding this gardening thing is a process and will probably take years for me, living in Wisconsin has its drawbacks when it comes to gardening, too short of a season!}

{I love to bake and cook, I hate that it creates twice the amount dishes I want to deal with in a normal day!}

{I dont know why I thought it would be a good idea to cloth diaper all three boys, laundry, lots of laundry!}

{Potty training..... ugh}

{I had no idea radishes if left to grow will get really tall stalks with really pretty flowers, I have a new flower arrangement in the house, make lemonade out of lemons right?}

{If I do my hair or makeup my kids wonder where we are going, tells you I dont do my hair or makeup often if ever!}

{I love the summer nights, fireflies make such a dreamy ambiance in the backyard}

{the mantra in our house lately: talk in kindness}

{I love Cleo but boy is she like an old man when she is sleeping..... stinky toots}

And on that note..... I will call it a post!  :D


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