Japanese Craft Books with ISBN - take one

As I had alluded to in earlier posts I hit the mother load of Japanese craft books while on my trip to San Diego. So not to overwhelm and overload everyone I will do a few at a time until they have all been listed.

For each book I have the cover and one of my favorite projects from in the book. With Japanese books especially it is hard to judge a cover of a book as to how many oh so great projects are inside. These first three are my absolute favorites!
I can not begin to describe how much I love this book, tons of inspiration on seriously every page. I love to that they take one design and show you tons of different alternatives. Besides these super cute totes there is a even cuter pillow as well as a teeny sewing kit that may be my next "mini" project. A must buy for Japanese craft book lovers!

This one had so many different items to make my favorite though was the make-up carrying case. They also had a super cute cut out circle curtain that I really liked.

And finally to round out my top three... I went in for sewing books and came out with a new project I wanted to try, fabric flowers! I absolutely love the two styles on the cover so it was hard to pick a favorite inside shot without duplicating the front. I am really excited to try this, I haver never really had the urge to create fabric flower, but boy is the urge here now!

That's it for now! More to be added later in the week.


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