I love Valentines

But I love making Valentine gifts even more. I love making Valentine's day gifts for little girls the most. Leila at 8 months is a little too young to appreciate Valentine's day and we are flying that day anyway so we wont celebrate it properly besides her wearing a super cute outfit (pictures to come I am sure).

Izzy is a little over two and has grasp the concept of presents so it was fun to make a few things for her. She loves pink, coloring , and purses so I made a cute set for her. I have found crayon totes (aka caddies) floating around the web and decided to give it a whirl and then made a tote to match so she can carry her ponies, dolls, or whatever her little heart contents in it.

Oh and I threw in some chocolate too (after getting the ok from her mom) since a girl is never too young to enjoy a good piece of chocolate.


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