Baby Woes


Leila has been mommy's little helper lately. She likes to flatten out my fabric. She likes to help with the sewing, yes I have learned how to thread a needle with one hand as well as sewing with her in my lap.

Lately however my little helper has been rather crabby and the culprit has finally reveled itself. Leila will soon have her top two front teeth to accompany her bottom two.

I am excited for them to pop through and my happy baby to reappear but I am also having a slight "my baby is growing up too fast" freak out since she will be a year way too soon, it's a huge milestone and the time has flown. She will be nine months in a few weeks and that alone is freaking me out. I have a feeling I will be a wreak at her birthday.

My mom was a comfort though, she told me " I could say the same to you." That woman sure knows how to make her baby girl cry.


Rose Lynn said...

AWWWWWWWWW, Shes soooo cute!!!! :)

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