I think I am in love

I am surrounded by beautiful fabric and I am in love.

I am working on a few twirl skirts for Leila, they should be quick since she is still so tiny and I am hoping as she grows I can continue to make these oh so cute skirts. I am hoping too this will help me with learning to do some patch type work because I really want to dive into quilting soon and I think this may be the transition I need.

I am planning on making three skirts and coordinating peasant tops. If they turn out well I am planning to create a few for Katy's daughter as well since that little girl loves to twirl. According to Katy she absolutely loves to be dizzy which worries her some days. Oh to be two again.

I am thinking that going with bright colors is the best especially with spring fast approaching, even though it is only February all the spring and summer clothes are already out in the store. Its amazing it is below zero and all you see are rows and rows of swimsuits in some of the stores. You have to love big retail.

Besides the super summery fabrics for Leilas soon to be skirts (which by the way took me a good hour to hour and half to pick out. There are so many choices!) I came home to find a box of fabric I had ordered from Fashionable Fabric
They have absolutely GORGEOUS fabric and I have to say this was my first ordered and they are wonderful. Their prices are very competitive and shipping was extremely reasonable. I couldn't be happier, oh and their packaging is so cute! I was blown away and will be ordering from them again soon.

Now to figure out what to do with all of this oh so pretty fabric!


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