Adios! For a whole week


We are off to sunny (right now we have -25 degree wind chills) San Diego for a week. I am super nervous, flying with an 8 month old scares me senseless, and a teething 8 month old well that is a terror in it self! I am also excited I get to meet more of my husbands family. For being together for over 6 years it is weird to most not to have met his extended family but to him that is how his family is. The complete opposite of mine really since I am rather close with my family.

I have over packed, WAY too much and Ken will freak when he goes to load the suitcase in the car but I am a nervous mom and prepared for ANY situation for Leila, not so much for me seriously this girl has WAY too much clothing and it is addictive buying her more cute clothes!

I am going to miss my little blog world for the week I am gone I will have a lot of catching up to do since I read a few blogs religiously. I am also going to miss posting everyday believe it or not, posting every day isnt nearly as bad as I thought it might.

Well I am off to make sure I didnt forget anything. In the mean time miss you all and TONS (and I mean TONS) of photos to be coming for a few weeks afterward I am sure.


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