I love swap meets


I was lucky enough to experience my first ever swap meet (flea market). In San Diego Ken and I attended the Kobey's Swap Meet which is the largest one in San Diego. It was in one word amazing. I am an avid garage sale/rummage sale/estate sale shopper though in Wisconsin the season for these is the spring and summer. Winter doesn't yield great turn outs for garage sales even though I would brave the weather for a good one!

At the swap meet I literally looked at Ken and said" this is my heaven you know" and it really is trash and treasure at ever turn and I love rummaging through it! The people you can meet at these are also amazing. There was the overly enthusiastic plant man who loved shouting about how crazy he was about his plants. There was the older photographer who wouldn't budge on his price, I wish he was a little friendlier on the approach I have a feeling he had a lot of stories to tell. And I even found a women from the Wisconsin area that said she thought I was admirable for liking the cold Wisconsin winters ( I really do like winter, call me crazy).
I didn't find a whole lot, I went in looking for vintage fabric and sewing notions. I came out with a collection of flower pins and a beautiful beaded purse for my best friend Katy. She like me is nuts about garage sales. We sometimes go out searching for the "its so ugly its cute" finds there are a lot of those out there! She collects purses and I have started collecting purses for her as well, vintage ones that is every time I go to an antique store I never seem to be able to leave with out a purse for Katy.
My love of thrift store shopping may have some pay back one day I just read this article I will have to show my husband that one day my hobby could actually pay off.


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