And it continues

Posting everyday is starting to wear on me. Boy is this hard, I live a boring life and I feel like I am pulling straws especially on the days that I dont get to sew which yesterday was a day like that.

"This is the Year" According to Oprah, to do all those things you have meant to do every other year. It has hit home with me at least a little regarding clutter. I know that everyone has clutter somewhere in their home. Me, my clutter is in my bedroom. I dont have pictures to prove it since I am embarrassed but I will describe it the best I can. My downfall is laundry, not doing the laundry my downfall is folding and putting away the laundry.

True story: Ken had given a tour recently of our home (we just moved this summer and a lot of our family has yet to see the apartment) and he took the tour into our bedroom to say the least I was mortified when my aunt came up to me afterward and said, someone has a lot of laundry to do, in which I replied "HE SHOWED YOU THE BEDROOM!?!?!" I then explained oh that is all CLEAN laundry in which she replied, "oh my."

Yesterday I started to fold but I also sorted while I folded there is plenty of clothes that I no longer wear so we sorted out those to be donated also I tossed out things that have seen there day and cant go to St. Vinnie's like socks with holes in them. I also sorted Leila's clothes that she has grown out of to either be, donated, sold at a garage sale this summer, or kept for the future. I also started getting my maternity clothes separated (I love some of the sweaters and they are so roomy I still wear them on the weekends) to give to my sister who is expecting her baby in early June.

This weekend amidst the packing for San Diego I am determined to clean out our closet right now we have boxes in there from the move that we havent sorted, most of the stuff we dont need since well we havent used it for over 6 months.

Before and after pictures to be shown next week.

Its a thrilling life I lead I know.


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