Music time

There has been a challenge presented in blog land recently to post each day in February and I am up to the challenge, well, sort of. We are going to San Diego for a week to visit family and during that time I doubt I will be able to get to a computer (unless I magically get a laptop *praying to the digital gods) and if I get to a computer I wont be able to up load my photos until after we get home. I dont know about everyone else but I dont like all text and no pretty photos to look at! so I am giving myself a revised challenge to post each day that I am in Wisconsin.

I have to say I really do love winter growing up in Wisconsin it grows on you (how I dont know since everything is dead outside) I love the snow, and I dont really mind the cold to a degree I hate the bitter cold, the type of cold that when you step outside it takes your breath away. We are right now getting hit with some EXTREMELY cold weather, the take your breath away type, today the low is -11 and with the wind chill we could get to -50, brrr baby its cold. I wouldnt go outside except to let Kelly out and the poor puppy has learned to alternate feet on the ice cold snow, she does like to play in this kind of weather she is an out and in sort of gal.

Because of the cold we are holed up in the apartment, I think this is the first weekend that we havent gone out to eat or run errands it is really nice. Yesterday we introduced Leila to the keyboard and the guitar. Music was always a big thing in my life in high school I sang, played the flute, saxophone(first chair) and tried to learn the guitar. Ken was more on the classical side he played the violin, cello, and piano. While we arent going to cram music down her throat it is nice to know it is there if she wants to learn. I am also hoping to pick back up the guitar and take some lessons shortly just to get back into the swing of things. After 5 years I dont think I can read music anymore which to me is really sad, I really miss playing.


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