Recap of San Diego

Our vacation went really well. I got to meet more of Ken's family (even though we have been together for almost 7 years).

I love going to large diverse cities there is so much to do and such great food to eat!

Ken was such a great sport as well he basically drove me to where ever I wanted to go. I got to go to a Japanese book store, not once but twice. More on that most likely next week (stay tuned all you Japanese craft book lovers, I will have a huge amount of ISBNs and reviews for you!)
I also got to experience my first swap meet. It was literally my heaven. It was like a town garage all at one spot. There were also street performers and yummy yummy food! I didn’t have as much luck as I would have liked with finding treasures in the trash (seriously some of the stuff people are selling) but I do have a few goodies that I will post next week.

We also did the typical San Diego Zoo trip as well as going to the ocean. We basically took advantage of the beautiful weather and were outside as much as possible. The best part of the trip though, Leila and I got to take a few decent pictures because I was actually showered and clean when my husband brought out the camera!

I enjoyed the trip but I am so glad to be home, ask me if I am glad to be home though next week the forecast for this weekend is a possible blizzard, maybe I will get to sew a few things… we will have to see!


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