Superbowl, not so super...

This is how we spent our superbowl night. No big to dos and all out parties just me and Leila cuddling on the couch. Boy was she a crab most of the day. Actually boy has she been a crab most of last week. Can babies get the February funk too????

If they can my husband is the biggest baby of all, our household in general yesterday was crabby with bouts of laughter when Leila would see the cat or dog and squeal with delight. They would run away and her crabbiness would reappear. I am glad the day and week are over, heres to a happier less crabby week. A girl can at least dream right?

So congrats to all the Colts fans, empathy for the Bears fans (as much as I can muster being a Packer fan and all) and to all those who watch it for the commercials, in my opinion boy did they suck the big one this year. Ah well here's to next years season may the best team win!


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