A present for me

Well I am not a responsible adult that is for sure. I bought this today. I couldn't help it really I couldn't they bent the rules and gave me 20% off. I have NEVER had any kind of pretty stitch patterns. I think Ken is a little sad he bought me my sewing machine that I am using right now a year ago on Wed. (Yep he gave me a sewing machine for V-day what a man I have) It is a great little machine but I was ready to move up on the sewing scale though I wasn't ready to shell out everything I have but enough to get a decent new machine. I want to start learning to quilt. Pictures coming up soon I am sure after playing with my new machine for a few hours.

Speaking of quilting has anyone checked out this book?

I think I may get it before our trip it looks like it may be interesting for the plane ride. If I do get it I will keep you posted!

Off to play!


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