Giving up- for Lent that is...

Last year it was chocolate, 40 days with out the sweet taste of ANY sort of chocolate and I did it. The first time I was actually able to stick to my lent vow if you will. It felt great to be able to commit to something and actually complete it. So this year I wanted to challenge myself even more, I dont eat as much chocolate as I did last year so it is time to make my sacrafice harder and here it goes. No junk food. Vague and I made it that way. I am giving up all sweets and all the bad stuff. So for fat tuesday I ate as much junk as possible fast food, sweets (a whole lot of chocolate), topped off with a delicious strawberry milkshake. I am determined to eat healthier not just for lent but for life. It is time for me to take control and become healthier.

This was the hardest photo I have ever taken. We came back with a suitcase FULL (wish I was being overly dramatic but I am not, we have well over 10 boxes) of chocolate covered macadamias compliments of Ken's mom. The smell is so enticing, 40 days never felt so long!

Its so funny too that I want chocolate so much more right now because I cant have it and all healthy things seem so unappealing, grapes which are my normal go to fruit just aren't cutting it today and almost are repulsing me. It will get better I am sure and in 40 days I can eat these wonderful treats in moderation. Until then I will just salivate while looking at my computer screen.


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