So the freak out begins

I am starting to apply for my first few craft show. And I am starting to freak mostly about how I am going to set up my booth and that I need to start sewing like a mad women so I have enough product available.

Ken hasnt been extremely supportive when it comes to the craft shows mostly because frankly (and these are his words not mine) he doesnt like craft shows. Big whoop he doesnt like craft shows, he will like them if I can start to earn an amount that means he can work less. His dream is to ultimately be a stay at home dad which I would love but right now he makes the big bucks and has to work. If I can create a business that is profitable then I would love to be able to support us all but in order for me to support him financially I need his support emotionally and he doesnt really get that. Though he is a pessimistic at heart as well as skeptical of everything so for the most part he is taking this all very well, for him that is.

But I digress, I am freaking A LOT I am starting to search the internet (mostly flickr) to get ideas of different displays people have come up with I like this, this and this one. I also LOVE Alicia's display that she had in her once upon shop. I am also trying to pull inspiration from Heather's studio and vibe.

I am starting my list of things I need/want and have start going to my local thrift store and antique store on a weekly sometimes daily visit to start searching for accent pieces to make everything just right.

I am so determined to make this work and will do everything to help myself succeed!


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