WIP- Friday

WOO HOO it is Friday, for some weird reason this week seemed super long I am glad it is over really now I just wish the snow and blowing snow would end. Seriously spring where are you?

To keep me in the spring mood I have started to create a flag banner for my craft shows this summer. No photos, sorry I figured no one wanted to see a table full of triangles *smile*

This is the first time I have done something like this but to be honest I am big on just trying something for the sake of trying. I am planning to try appliqué for the first time as well this I am really nervous about and think I may have to try it on some scrap fabric before using it on my pretty floral fabric that I only had just enough of for this project.

Keep thinking warm thought for me gals and guys!


Kara said...

that flower fabric is beautiful! Love it!!

it's me, Val said...

Stoppin by from the party :) Enjoy your mingling! :) Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! I have a 16 month baby girl. Aren't they GREAT?!?

Slings and Sacks said...

Appliqué? I tried it. After cutting out all the shapes and setting up the iron, I realized I was using wax paper, not freezer paper! Now if only I could remember to pick up freezer paper. Ah, well, I look forward to reading how it goes for you. I'm building a new site so I don't really have the time as it is.
Any advice for craft fair set up would be greatly appreciated. I hope to do a few more this year.

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