Burying in fabric

Oye. I have a beautiful coffee table that I paid enough for, I paid way too much for it in the sense that it has become a work table! Every weekend I clean it off and every week I fill it up with sewing projects. Usually it isn't too full until Friday or Saturday this week it only took Monday! (To defend myself: I am in full blown stock mode for my craft shows this summer.)

My husband has given up pointing it out since he knows every week it always ends up like this *smile*

Aren't the stacks pretty though? I have never folded my fabric right after I start to cut it up, usually it is a huge mess that gets resorted over the weekend. Thanks to this WONDERFUL tutorial I have a new obsession of folding fabric!


Happy Zombie said...

You drank the Kool-Aid! As dorky as it is to get so much pleasure from this... isn't it great!

Love, love, love your fabs!

Christy said...

looks like you have some gorgeous designs.

it's me, Val said...

Love your fabrics!!!

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