Get Real Monday... My hatered of folding laundry

Thanks to Autum's post I am getting real. And boy oh boy is this really letting it all hang out! Those with small children may want to divert there attention elsewhere as this may scar them for years to come.

I will be the first to admit I hate doing laundry but I like it more then doing the dishes so the decision was made by me and my husband, he does the dishes I do the laundry. I think my husband is getting yipped, I do the laundry, as in I clean it and dry it, I just dont well fold it.

No my system is rather backwards clean clothes go BACK into laundry baskets after drying. once a basket gets half empty I combine baskets and do another load of laundry. Yep not a great method I know.

I am finding tons of clothes for Leila I didnt even know she had and can no longer wear. I know I need to stop and by posting this hideous picture I hope it will be a rude wake up call to myself

Ok now brace yourselves...

Its bad I know. Right after I took the photo I took one laundry basket immediately and folded. I have one more laundry basket and two totes (this is so hard to admit) to fold. I am also going through and sorting out those things I can wear anymore, things I just dont wear, and things to worn out to be even donated.

Well that was a weight lifted from my shoulders!

Today I was planning on taking Leila to the park but it is just too hot 80's in Wisconsin in March is just not right and I am not a hot weather person I am a mildly warm (60's-70's) type of person. So instead of the park we will make some fun playland out of laundry baskets I suppose.


it's me, Val said...

WAY TO GO!!!! :):)

Thanks for your email about your purses. Send me an email when you have your leftovers ready - I'm hoping for some leftovers so I will have a chance to purchase! :)

Enjoying your blog!

Lucy said...

Don't feel bad, not too many people like folding laundry...I actually don't mind folding, it's the putting away that about kills me !!

I think you definitely are in need of a keep, toss, donate, sell session with the clothes. Sometimes having more than we need is a source of anxiety. I know it is for me at times. So thanks for being real..I'll have to be brave and show something real of mine down the road. My boys room perhaps?? LOL ughhhh I don't even want to go there!

:) lucy

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