Another thrift craft book

I have said over and over how much I love my local St. Vincent de Paul, it really doesn't disappoint. I recently found a new (well new to me) vintage Better Home & Gardens craft book and it was so appropriate for me since I am wanting to start quilting and this book is FULL of inspiration.

How could I NOT take this book for a dollar, heck yea it belongs at home with my ever growing collection of vintage craft books.

I love the fabrics on the patchwork quilt. I doubt it gives you a peaceful sleep but it is oh so pretty in a funky way for me.

I love THIS quilt, I am hoping to create this for Leila when my applique and quilting skills get better. A girl can dream right.

On a complete side note, I caught my husband using one of my long aluminum knitting needle as a back scratcher. Well, at least my knitting needles are getting some use *sigh* I haven't picked them up since I finished a scarf for a Christmas gift.


Kate said...

Wonderful book - fabulous quilt!

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