Line em up!


I have started my own version of an assembly line, something I have never really done before. I have usually only been a one project at a time girl. Though I am never a person to stand in the middle I am one extreme or the other so I have swap from being a one project at a time to 26 projects at once (nope NOT kidding *smile*)

So here is the make shift assembly line so far, cut out all of the fabric. Iron all the fabric sew the outside of the bag at that is where I am at currently. Next I will sew the pockets to my lining and sew the lining in. Thank goodness I am not using interfacing for these totes (the denim holds it shape on its own) I have a feeling once these are complete I will never want to look at totes again. Though just to keep it all me and as if I was doing one project at a time no two totes are the same in any way besides the overall look (i.e. denim with some sort of fabric down the middle) besides I am not the type to have a uniformed look, I cant trust me I have tried.
Leila has been standing and leaning on things for a little while now. When I sew (lately I bring my sewing machine into my dinning room even though I have a craft room) she is leaning on my leg or playing with my foot as I press down the pedal. She will be a great little crafter one day I know it!


Susanne said...

Beautiful baby and beautiful fabrics! Just stopping by to say Hi from the blog party!

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