Me traditional?

I finally started work on my quilt for my most recent secret swap. My partner has requested something on the lines of traditional. I thought it would be a challenge but once I found the fabric a pattern was soon to follow and magically it all came together I think.

First a pile of triangles

That I really like to hang from the light fixtures

Set out the design matching up the coloring till it is just right

All sewn together (yea!)

I love doing doll quilts. I cut out all of the triangles on a separate day but I pieced them all together and sewn the front all in a night (half during nap time half during quiet play time). I am pretty thrilled about the traditional look of it and for the most part it all lines up (not completely but enough that I am satisfied). Now for the backing, probably will keep it pretty simple for traditions sake. The colors arent the most traditional "fall colors" but to me this screams fall. I guess I have a little traditionalism in me, who knew?


Tara said...

How do you make sure that all of your triangles get stitched together in the right order? I'm working on a quilt for my daughter and it was hard making sure everything wound up in the order I put them in.

amandajean said...

I LOVE your quilt. It's so adorable. I also admire you for working with triangles. (something that I hate to do!)

Anne Ida said...

This is a wonderful little quilt! Love it! Whomever your partner is will be very pleased!

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