Alright, so I am changing the direction of my business, rather I am changing the feeling of my products. For the last year I have floated around trying different styles/feelings and I have decided to focus on a particular style. It is a combination of Zakka/Shabby Chic/Country Living/Vintage. Trust me when you see what I mean you will get what I am talking about, basically back to basics as far as going for a more natural look. Natural tones (A LOT of linen will be used), lace, muted colors.

So why the rambling, well I am trying to update my Etsy store and marketing materials to reflect this change. I am not as gifted on the computer as I am with a sewing machine. I need help and I am willing to pay!

So anyone know a graphic designer willing to help? I am currently looking to create just a banner and avatar at the moment I need it to be a design that is cohesive with my Zakka style but can be later morphed (basically I want a "logo" to be used throughout the design) into all my marketing items (hang tags, fabric labels, business cards, etc.) I am also hoping to have this as my starting point to start working on a web site.

I dont have a lot to spend the going rate on Etsy is between $10-$25.
e-mail me: artsymomma @ gmail. com

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming of vacation recap (stay tuned for crafty/thrifty goodness next week)


Dinah said...

I used someone on Etsy that I found, for my etsy banner and avatar. Her name is Jelene, and she was very inexpensive. I thought it was a great deal. I had no idea what I was doing, but she was kind and very helpful and led me through all of it. You can look at her website to see the banners she's done before to get some ideas for yours. Her website is
I hope this help.

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