Crummy day

I am glad its Friday. Long week, ending with a teething clingy baby. And a dog that is serious need of obedience training makes for a very long trying week. So all you get for a Friday's post is pretty pictures.

Cute plate found at the thrift store

My loot from the scrap swap. Thanks Beth!

Some great vintage squares I scored on eBay

She is walking up a storm lately. And yep that is a frozen waffle, only thing that seems to keep her happy. Problem is the dog also likes them and keeps taking them out of her hand which then she screams and cries because for her it is the end of the world.


amandajean said...

love those vintage fabric squares! and hurray for your walking baby. she is adorable!

hope your weekend is better than your week was.

sulu-design said...

Ugh... sorry to hear that your week was rough, but that last photo is unbelievable cute. Hopefully some of that adorable waffle walking is making up for the crummy spots. Have a good weekend!

Elea said...

Sorry about your "Crummy" Day. I hope you don't mind but I've tagged you for "The Name Game." Go to my blog to read more about it. Hopefully it will cheer you up some.

emily said...

too cute . . . my girls would live off of frozen waffles if we let them!

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