Everything gets in the way

So the craft clean sweep of '07 was a bust this weekend. Mainly because I let everything else in the world get in the way! That shouldnt be a surprise though I would imagine. The cooler weather this weekend got me in the baking mood and I whipped out my 500 cupcake recipes and got to work on a muffin (go figure!) I made a whole wheat peach muffin. It is a little too wheaty (??) for me but Leila loves them and really that is all that matters to me.
I love the new platter I found at our local antique shop. For $7 I think it is one of my "best buys" I love it so very much! I got a little glass dome as well (the technical word is missing in my vocab right now) that after the muffins are gone I am planning to make a fall display. I am think acorns and some figurine. Once I have it all together I am SURE I will have a picture posted. But for now to celebrate the slow arrival, since it will be in the 80's again soon, of fall I bought some cute little pumpkins.

Seriously for a $1 total they are the best investment for fall decorating. Plus the baby ones, at least for me, seem to last forever! Looking at them gets me so ready for fall and apple cider. My craving for pumpkin pie has already set in for sure!


Anonymous said...

hey bff,
this weekend + me + you + homemade caramel apple cider = awesomeness!
can't wait to see you
love ya, bff

Felicia said...

Wheat peach muffin, hum, sounds good and looks pretty.

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