The Name Game

I have been tagged by Elea. You must take your middle name (mine is Ann) and with each letter tell something about yourself. Three letters, heck I can do that!


Love them. Everything about them. Love to dip them love to look at them love to smell them. Apple pies, apple cider, and apple butter yum, can’t get enough of them!!! Fall is my favorite season because of the apples.


I think I will be a life long novice and I am happy with that. I am self starter/learner. I didn’t grow up around craftiness, though my sister and I are both very musical/artistic. My sister is amazing at drawing/painting. I don’t have that talent anywhere in my body, and I have finally accepted it! I am novice but I am bound and determined to keep shaping my life the way I want, I find the knowledge I need and go from there. I am cooking, baking, and gardening more. I love photography (check out the new technique I am trying) and try new things all the time. I am happy that I am not an expert at one thing. I like to have my fingers in everything I figure it makes me well rounded and I can be more flighty that way! I cant concentrate long on one thing so being a novice fits me well!


Goes hand in hand with my novice status I suppose. I am a border hippie to my husbands dismay. I am energy conscious; I try to be green where I can. I am not hyper over it though. I still use plastic bags but we reuse them CONSTANTLY, having a dog helps that! I want Leila to be surround by “traditional” June Clever things. Not the whole pearls while vacuuming (well unless she wants to I would be cool with that) I want to bake cookies with her. Have her eat healthy wholesome dinners as a family. I want her to know how to garden, can, and be a “homemaker”. I want us to have afternoon tea parties wearing old dresses and hats. I want her to have the opportunity to sew, knit, embroider. And if she doesn’t take an interest in it I will be sad but I would never push it on her. I want her to be her own person. I am not a very high strung mom, Leila gets dirty, she likes frozen waffles, and a cookie now and then won’t kill her. If she is happy I am happy. She sleeps in our bed and I don’t have an issue with it (my husband on the other hand, well that is a whole different story), I breast fed and my body weaned Leila, otherwise I would still most likely be breast feeding her if she wanted. I watch TV, I am hooked and it isn’t educational in anyway I love “reality” TV, it is my guilty pleasure. I am that person who picks and chooses what fits her lifestyle. I can’t really be categorized because I am a little bit of everything. It drives some of my family nuts, but most have accepted me for who I am. Plus since I am a pretty easy going, go with the flow chic I think I am living the best of the life I don’t stress about fitting in, I am who I am no labels attached.

Whoa for three little letters, you found out a lot about me!!!!


Kuky said...

I love the idea of afternoon tea parties wearing old dresses and hats! I like playing make believe. I sooo want to get a play kitchen set with a little stove and oven and pretend food!! How FUN! But I haven't yet because Alan is convinced that it's for me (which it is) and Isabelle won't play with it. Hopefully when she gets older...

amandajean said...

I liked reading more about you. I also love apples + fall.

Elea said...

Ahh I love the way you played the game. I really liked your description of being non-traditional. I kept nodding my head in agreement the entire time I read it. Bravo!:0)

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