Time to get real (again)

I feel overwhelmed. No idea why, change of the season change of our hard times I say. I have determined the overwhelming feeling is from the wanting to do so much. I have a million ideas in my head and not enough time/energy to do it all. It is frustrating, unbelievably so.

With Leila and spending so much time together while Ken is at work I want to always be doing something (its my nature) but you can only walk around a small neighborhood so many times and when you dont get paid for another day roaming the St. Vinnies is depressing especially when you find something you want and cant get. It is torture and my motto is out of sight out of mind.

So I have been turning inward. I am bored with the furniture, and its arrangement. I see these amazing homes floating around the web and I want one of those homes so I have been dreaming of new arrangements. Before I start to turn our living room upside down though I need to focus my energy on the worst/messy craft area EVER.

Well maybe not the messiest but pretty darn close. I think a main reason as to my lack of sewing besides having too many ideas (a burden that I NEVER thought I would have) I have no place to sew, well, besides the dinning room table which I promised Ken I would stop doing. So hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have a new outlook due to a new clean crafty area.

Well, unless this great weather wins me over and I milk it for all its worth!

psst: like the hole in the chair? It was an extra to our very old dinning set, first mission after the clean up is to create a slip cover!


Cathy said...

Wow! We must be long lost twins because my craft area looks very similar, right down to the cane chair (although mine has been spared holes).

sulu-design said...

I wish you well in the craft organization pursuit. I'm insanely tidy, but the spot where I work on crafts tends to get a bit out of hand. I'm constantly trying to clean it up, but it never seems to want to be tamed. I actually admire people who can go with the flow of a little happy clutter. My obsessive mind jut won't work that way. Perhaps if your husband doesn't like your use of the dining room table, a room can be dedicated your crafting! Wouldn't that be nice...

Felicia said...

Nothing provides inspiration more than a good cleanup. Once you get things organized in a way that works for you then you'll get your sewing mojo back.

Persimmons Gal said...

Yeah you've seen my craft room. Yours looks like a dream.

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