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Fall is finally poking its head in to say hi. People have been posting proclaiming (yea) that fall had arrived in there backyard. Not true for us, well, until yesterday morning when I took the dog out for a walk and was greeted by the yellow leaves from a neighboring tree. I am so glad. I love fall. Scratch that, I love the inbetween of summer and fall, it is perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect to walk with out a jacket on and you dont work up too much of a sweat.

I know people in warmer climate states always ask me, how do you stand the cold? I don't mind it because I always know that days like Sunday will always come around and in the dead of winter I hold on to those days. Besides in a state with changing seasons you never get bored with the weather let me tell you!

The weather like I said was perfect so Sunday (the only day Ken was home this week) we went for a walk to my aunts house. They dont live too far and after a mighty hike up a tall hill we were there. For a puppy date. Our dog hasnt really had a chance to play with other dogs in awhile and she really needed it. My aunts dog is a little more domineering but Kelly took it fairly well and soon enough they were chasing each other around the yard. It was a great way to spend a late afternoon.

Kelly had a great time, and tired my aunts puppy out in the end (Kelly-beagle). I love seeing her run. Ken and I desperately want to get a house, a big reason is just for a yard. I foresee many more puppy dates before the weather gets cold so hopefully that will sustain her through the winter.

In other great momentous news, Leila took her first actual more than one step, steps! She walked from my aunt to me (so a total of like 4 steps). I have never been prouder in my life. Leila at 15 (approaching 16) months she has been pretty stubborn with walking on her own. She likes to walk and will hold on to just one of my fingers but as of yet she has refused to walk on her own. I am so excited that she will be walking fairly soon, and always scared out of my mind! She already gets into so much trouble now she will be a triple threat when those little legs can run!

We had a great weekend one where you got a lot done but it was all gradual and didn't feel rushed. I got some house work done, started getting some real progress on my doll quilt, and spent time with family. Really what more could a girl ask for?


emily said...

aahhh . . . we used to have a cocker that looked just like that! it's crazy how much they look alike!

Felicia said...

LOL Love those running doggy shots :)

amandajean said...

oh, I love fall and the changing of the seasons, too.

My little girl is over 16 months old and still not walking...she is such a chicken. It is so precious to see those first few steps, isn't it? When my oldest was on the verge of walking I was scared out of my mind, but once he was walking he was so much happier that he could get around. So don't's not all bad!

amandajean said...

I just re-read my comment and I should add that my daughter is just so cautious....not chicken. I am just anxious to see her walking!!!

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