This is why I love fall

We took a walk yesterday, a perfect mid season afternoon. Leila was given this amazing dress from my grandmother for her first birthday. It is straight from Mexico and almost too pretty to wear. Once she can no longer fit into it, I will be framing it along side one of the many (I mean many) photos I took of her in it. Here are a few of my favorites. I also for the first time in awhile took out my SLR, man I have missed that camera! Goal this year is to buy a digital SLR. The last photo is how our walk ended. Her sound asleep, well until we got up to the apartment and the puppy had to welcome her home. Ah well, it was precious while it lasted!


sulu-design said...

The sweetest little girl in the sweetest little top! What gorgeous photos.

beki said...

What an adorable little babe you have!!

//fine little day// said...

Cute girl in a cute dress :)

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