1. Sept. 11 2005, 2. candles for 2, 3. Candle Colors., 4. The Candle, 5. Candle Light of Life, 6. candle light dinner.JPG, 7. CANdles, 8., 9. Candles, 10., 11. Light a candle for a cause, 12. Candles in Roman Cathedral, 13. Candle Prayers, 14. candle in the wind, 15. Candles in Church St Pierre of Montmartre, 16. Hotel Candles, 17. Candle night, 18. Candles at St. Stephens, 19. Candle night, 20. Žvakės Candles, 21. Candles and Candles and Candles, 22. candle night, 23. Candle lit, 24. Candles of Peace, 25. Ikea Candles

At 18 years old I never would have imagined that I would experience such a day of terror, one that will remain in my mind for the rest of my life.

I may not remember what I wore that day, or what I had for breakfast.

But the images, the moments with others, the feeling of disbelief and great grief will always remain.

I wasn’t personally touched in a way as though I had lost a dear family friend, but I was touched in the way that I lost fellow brother and sisters who just like me were living their life day to day in this great country.

I lost my security, but not my faith. To day is a day of remembrance for me like everyday other day. I am blessed, and I begin each day knowing that I am blessed to have another day to spend it with those I love.


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