A day trip

The weather around here is finally nice out. It wasnt hot, muggy, or rainy. With everything that has been going on Leila and I really needed to get out of the apartment and take a walk. So off to my favorite spots in town. We did espically well and I was able to spend a bit of my birthday money.

I found this painting at our St. Vinnies. It has a little bit of age on it (a few yellow spots) but all in all for $14 I am so happy. I should note it was a lot more then I normally pay for anything at a thrift store BUT it had a signed appraisal on the back in 1993 it was worth $140 so I figured it was a good investment. Besides I love it, it is vibrant and will look perfect in my crafting area.

I also grabbed a Charm Pack of Moda's Shangri~la. I signed up for this quilt swap in hopes that I can keep up learning my quilting skills. I am really excited though terrified at the same time. My partner likes traditional quilts. I am not traditional in any way so I think I will do a traditional quilt pattern but still use some funky fabric. In comes the reason for the charm pack. Plus the fabrics match, and it will be easier to cut up smaller squares (my least favorite part of quilting- the prep)


gwen said...

I would have bought the painting too! I like very much the charm pack for the 4 seasons swap. I am sure it will turn out lovely. Take care.

Felicia said...

A $140 signed appraisal on the back? I'd say you got a great bargain for such a lovely painting :)

it's me, Val said...

Hey, Stef, how is Leila????

Kuky said...

That is a deal, $140 signed appraisal on the back.

Is that what they're called the little packs of fabric? I got a moda one as well ages ago and still haven't started the quilt it was intended to be. Not like I even finished the last quilt I was working on...

Jodie said...

I hate cutting too- it takes soo long.
Hope the rash in the previous post is clearing up - poor little bub !

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