Not to be outdone

Leila is now sick with coxsackie virus aka Hand Foot and Mouth. So I am now caring for a household. I believe it is time for me to take a hiatus from blogging. I will stop in from time to time but I dont think I will post regularly again until September. We leave for Hawaii in a little over two weeks so it is going to be hectic around here for a little bit.

I will miss everyone!


Jovani's Momma said...

Oh my Goodness.... I know you are taking care of everyone... but remember to take care of yourself too... take time to breath... I hope things get beter... call me if ya need anything!

Katie Jean said...

ooh I hope Leila starts feeling better soon! And I hope you had a great birthday. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii!!

it's me, Val said...

Oh man :( Sorry, hon :( Noah had this when he was a wee little man. It was over for him pretty quickly, but it still sucked. Hang in there. Thinking of you!!!

Cathie said...

Hey girl, just wanted to say hi, hope things are going ok, and have an amazing trip!!!!

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